The Consumer Advocacy Council was set up to help small electricity consumers like households and small businesses express their views about the things that affect their electricity supply and power bills.

We understand that paying for electricity is difficult for many New Zealanders. However, electricity is an essential service, not a luxury. Our goal is to make sure we have a fair and equitable electricity industry for the almost 2 million households and 500,000 small businesses across Aotearoa that we represent.

We’re independent. We don’t work for the government or organisations within the electricity sector, like regulators and power companies. Instead, we work with these industries on your behalf, to ensure they hear your concerns and actively work to resolve them.

We do this by:

  • collecting information that highlights your issues and concerns, through research and consultation
  • making submissions on your behalf when government or industry regulators issue consultations about electricity
  • meeting with representatives from the electricity sector to promote small consumer needs and influence change.

We also work alongside other consumer groups, like Consumer NZ, to complement the work they do to effect change in the electricity sector.

Find information and advice

Some organisations in the electricity sector are already working on innovative solutions to the issues residential and small business consumers face. We’ve gathered links to some of this information together here, in the hope that it will take some of the mystery (and complexity) out of the electricity sector for you. We’ll continue to add more information as we find it, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.


Powerswitch can help you find the cheapest deal on electricity and gas for your home. You can use it to compare plans and prices, see how much you could save, and even make the switch to a new provider. And best of all it's free.

Visit Powerswitch(external link) 

Utilities Disputes

If you've made a complaint to your electricity provider and you're having difficulty resolving it, Utilities Disputes can help. They provide a free, independent resolution service that can help you find a solution to the problem. They can also help you resolve a dispute with your gas, broadband or water provider.

Visit Utilities Disputes(external link)

Gen Less

The Gen Less website explores how the daily choices we make are actually opportunities to be more conscious about our energy use. Gen Less helps us understand ways in which we can use less energy, and what that change can mean for us over time.

Visit Gen Less(external link)

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

EECA is a government agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders become world leaders in clean and clever energy use. They focus on energy efficiency, and encouraging sustainable energy use in Aotearoa.

Visit EECA(external link)

Electricity regulation in New Zealand

The Electricity Authority and the Commerce Commission are the agencies responsible for electricity regulation in Aotearoa.

Find out more about the Electricity Authority(external link)
Find out more about the Commerce Commission(external link)