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12 Mar 2024

Consumer plan comparison and switching

We gave feedback to the Electricity Authority on their consultation paper 'Options to Support Consumer Plan Comparison and Switching'.

29 Feb 2024

Improving retail market monitoring: Clause 2.16 information notice

The Electricity Authority is seeking feedback on how they collect data on the retail market from electricity retailers.

21 Feb 2024

Transpower’s individual price-quality path for the next regulatory control period

We provided feedback to the Commerce Commission on the key issues it will focus on as it works to set a price quality path for Transpower from 2025.

30 Jan 2024

Proposed levy-funding appropriation consultation 2024/25

The Electricity Authority sought feedback on a proposal to increase their baseline funding by $14.2 million in 2024/2025.

18 Dec 2023

Default price-quality paths for electricity distribution businesses

We provided feedback to the Commerce Commission on the proposed default price-quality path for electricity distribution businesses from 1 April 2025 onwards.

14 Dec 2023

Net Zero Grid Pathways proposal

The Commerce Commission invited feedback on its draft decision and reason paper regarding stage 1 of Transpower’s Net Zero Grid Pathways proposal.

02 Nov 2023

Measures for transition to an expanded and highly renewable electricity system

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is seeking feedback on measures to support an affordable, reliable and resilient electricity supply.

13 Oct 2023

Retail service bundling guidelines for telcos

We gave feedback to the Commerce Commission on their paper, 'Improving Retail Service Quality: Draft Product Disclosure – Retail Service Bundling Guidelines'.

02 Oct 2023

Updating and strengthening the Consumer Care Guidelines

The Electricity Authority is seeking feedback on 4 options to update and strengthen the Consumer Care Guidelines.

15 Aug 2023

Targeted reform of distribution pricing

The Electricity Authority have sought industry feedback on their proposals to reform distribution pricing.

25 Jul 2023

Review of forecasting provisions for intermittent generators

The Electricity Authority is seeking feedback on proposed solutions to improve the accuracy of intermittent generation forecasts.

24 Jul 2023

Unlocking value from our customer data

We provided feedback to the Consumer Data Right project team on their discussion paper, 'Unlocking value from our customer data'.