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Disclosure rules on gentailer profits Iconography/Chevron Form

In 2019 the Electricity Authority introduced disclosure rules for gentailers to inform consumers about profits being made in the electricity sector. We commissioned NZIER to find out if the rules are fit for purpose.

Fair approaches to distribution pricing Iconography/Chevron Form

Distribution pricing in New Zealand is being reviewed. We commissioned Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL) to investigate approaches to distribution pricing that could be used to help ensure pricing is fair for small electricity consumers.

Electricity bills: Giving consumers better information Iconography/Chevron Form

Power bills shouldn’t be a riddle. They should be easy to understand, so you know how much electricity you're using and if you’re on the right plan for your home or business.

Consumer protections in the electricity sector Iconography/Chevron Form

We commissioned Allen & Clarke to assess consumer protections in the electricity sector, and identify gaps and opportunities to improve protections for small electricity consumers.

Implementing the Electricity Price Review recommendations Iconography/Chevron Form

The Electricity Price Review (EPR) – an independent review of NZ's electricity market – was completed in 2019. We commissioned a report to see how well the review’s recommendations have been implemented.

Energy hardship and the Consumer Care Guidelines Iconography/Chevron Form

In 2023 we commissioned FinCap (the National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust) to look into the effectiveness of the Consumer Care Guidelines. We wanted to see how well they’re working to address energy hardship in Aotearoa.

Assessing the New Zealand wholesale electricity market Iconography/Chevron Form

We commissioned NZIER to do an economic analysis of the New Zealand wholesale electricity market, to identify potential concerns for small electricity consumers.